Duties and Responsibilities

The Treasurer is responsible for receiving, safeguarding and disbursing money for the payment of claims for the County, Special Districts and Schools. The Treasurer manages the centralized revenue collections activity, oversees the Counties banking needs and assists in administration of the bonded indebtedness issued by the county or districts for the purpose of funding or refunding needed revenue, temporary borrowing, and special assessment bonds, as well as investing all funds placed in the County Treasury.

The Treasurer carefully monitors the efficient management of cash from the time revenue is earned to the time an expenditure payment clears the bank. These objectives are interrelated. Available cash can best be maximized when investments are managed prudently to earn market yields. Investment yield can best be maximized when cash receipts and disbursements are managed to increase the amount and duration of investable funds. Establishing and maintaining the County’s Pooled Investment Policy is an important tool to help insure that laws and ordinances are followed, and create standards by which to measure performance in an efficient manner.

The County processes payments by check through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic processing system. Under the ACH system, checks made payable to the County will be credited and debited the day after they arrive for processing. The transaction will be noted on the customers’ monthly bank statement as an electronic charge. Cancelled checks will not be returned unless requested.

Treasurer's Resources