Tax Collector

Duties and Responsibilities

The Tax Collector processes tax billings and collections for jurisdictions within Imperial County. Taxes include Secured real estate taxes, Supplemental taxes, Unsecured taxes (personal property taxes not secured to real estate) and Delinquent Secured and Unsecured taxes. The annual tax charge is over $70 million.

The Tax Collector also administers payment plans, as prescribed by R & T Code, and the state’s Property Tax Postponement and Homeowners Assistance programs for seniors, blind and disabled persons. The office conducts public auctions of tax defaulted properties; collects Transient Occupancy taxes, and business licenses fees. The Tax Collector also administers parcel map certificates and issues mobile home tax clearance certificates. This department is responsible for numerous legal notices, publications and other mandated requirements.

Excess Proceeds from the Sale of Tax Defaulted Property

Pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code 4675(a), “any party of interest in the property may file with the county a claim for excess proceeds, in proportion to his or her interest held with others of equal priority in the property at the time of sale, at any time prior to the expiration of one year following the recordation of the Tax Collector’s deed to the purchaser.”

If you believe you are an eligible party of interest in such a case, you have a right to file a claim with our office. Below you will find options to view and print our excess proceeds claim filing instructions, a claim form and a probate affidavit form, if applicable.

Miscellaneous Licenses

County Ordinance

Adult Entertainment Establishments

Swap Meets

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